All Nutrient ClarpHx Shampoo Rid your hair of Medications, minerals in hard water, and chemicals used in pools and spas get trapped in the hair shaft. These interfere with the electrolytic action of a chemical service and negatively affect your colors tonal results. This shampoo with its sister treatment removes these deposits to achieve superior depth of color and better gray coverage, while improving the hair's condition and preventing fadage.


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About All Nutrient ClarpHx Shampoo: ClarpHx ® Active Clarifying Shampoo GREAT FOR SWIMMERS! Unlike typical clarifying shampoos that rely on strong detergents, this shampoo combines a plant-derived cleansing system of unparalleled mildness with unique chelating agents to remove minerals such as iron, calcium, copper and manganese from hard water. Also removes compounds of chlorine, bromine, and iodine from swimming in pools. In addition, proteins, vitamins and essential fatty acids nourish your hair leaving it healthy, shiny and manageable. UV & Color protection formula.
The Goods: unparalleled mildness plant-derived cleansing system removes hard water minerals •iron, •calcium, •copper •manganese removes •chlorine, •bromine, •iodine -- from swimmers hair  nourishes with •proteins, •vitamins and •essential fatty acids leaves your hair healthy, shiny and manageable. UV & Color protection formula
How To Use
  1. In Salon, To Pretreat and Prepare hair for Haircolor Services:
    • • First, treat hair with ClarpHx' Treatment,
    • leave on 3-5 minutes rinse well
    • • Second, lightly shampoo hair with CSarpHx* Shampoo,
    • rinse well with cool water.
    • If necessary repeat applications.
    • (Extreme cases of mineral buildup may require up to 3 treatments.)
  2. For your Home Use:
    • • Shampoo: Apply uniformly to wet hair.
    • Gently work into lather and
    • leave in for 1-2 minutes.
    • Rinse completely and follow with ClarpHx' Treatment.
    • • Treatment / Condiitoner:
      Apply uniformly to damp, clean hair,
    • wait 3-5 minutes and
    • rinse thoroughly with warm water.
    • For excessive mineral build-up repeat application.
There is a differance - in the salon you are preparing the hair for another siervice so you want your hair free of all material that could interfere with your color or your perm etc. You may use the salon treatment at home to help you remove pool chemicals or excessive build up. However at home you should always finish with an All Nutrient Conditioner to close the cuticle and prepare you hair for your home styling regime.



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