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Lanza Strait Line contains four temporary curl-relaxing formulas specifically designed to smooth curls, tame frizz, and control waves for exceptional salon-straight styles.  Each humidity resistant product is uniquely formulated with healing actives to instantly transform rough, dry , frizzy hair into smooth, shiny, silky hair.  Advanced ingredients preserve haircolor and protect hair against heat during thermal styling.  The result is healthy, vibrant-lookign hair that glows with a healthy shine.

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Lanza Strait Line
Straight-line Formula

Smoothing Shampoo  Smoothing Conditioner  Smoother Balm  Thermal Defense

Lanza Smoothing Shampoo
Lanza Strait Line Smoothing Shampoo
was called Curl Relaxing Shampoo

A moisture-rich shampoo that cleanses, helps smooth curly yair & helps control frizz.

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Lanza Smoothing Conditioner
Lanza Strait Line Smoothing Conditioner
was called Curl Relaxing Conditioner

Dual-action formula adds mositure, reduces frizz and helps relax hair. Rinse Out for moisture and shine or Leave in for extra moisture relaxing and frizz control

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Lanza Smoother Balm

Lanza Strait Line Smoother Balm
was called Temporary Curl Relaxer & Smoother

Eliminates frizz and unwanted wave between shampoos. Smoothes curly Hair.

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Lanza Thermal Defense
Lanza Strait Line Thermal Defense

Humidity resistant hot tool styling aid with super holding power and a "thermal defense" barrier that protects hair from heat and sun damage.

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Lanza Strait Line
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