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Obliphica Hair Products Obliphica Hair Products

Obliphica Hair Products:  

Obliphica is a rare fruit, which grows in the Himalayas and Siberia. For thousands of years it has been used in medicines & cosmetics. Now, the magical healing properties of the Obliphica Plant are used to repair damaged hair, restore natural beauty and immediately rejuvenate tired, colored-treated hair with Obliphica Hair Products.

The Obliphica fruit is considered a super-fruit due to an incredible concentration of natural vitamin C, more than 15 times greater than in oranges. That places Obliphica among the best sources of vitamins and phytonutrients in the world! The nutrient contents and the antioxidant qualities in the Obliphica fruit are extremely high, including:

  • Vitamin A (carotenoids: alfa and beta carotene etc.)
  • Vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B6)
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E (tocopherols),
  • Vitamin K
  • organic amino acids (18 different amino acids)
  • dietary minerals
  • β-sitosterol
  • polyphenolic acids
  • macro and micro trace elements, 11 out of 14, including calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, boron, silicon etc.
  • omega-3 essential fatty acids (naturally balanced to 1:1)
  • omega-6 essential fatty acids (naturally balanced to 1:1)
  • omega-9 essential fatty acids
  • flavonoids
  • other bio-active compounds
The oil derived from the Obliphica fruit moisturizes and strengthens hair, protecting it from the environment. Natural UV filters create a screen against sun exposure, delaying the process of aging, graying and hair loss. This is a natural way to fight effectively against damage, bringing back to your hair all of its health, beauty and shine. Try the Original Formula, for all hair types, or the Spiral Formula, for curly hair.

Obliphica Original Formula
for all hair types
as seen on the Hair Matters Hair Oil page

Obliphica Original Try Me 3-PackObliphica Travel/Trial Pack

  • 1-5.1oz   Hair Treatment Moisture Cream
  • 1-5.1oz   Hair Treatment Mask
  • 1-2.21oz Treatment Hair Serum

     Obliphica Try Me 3-Pack   
     sorry no longer available

Obliphica Original Shine SprayObliphica Original Shine Spray

Obliphica Original Shine Spray is a shinning hair spray for use after blow-drying or misting over dry, finished styles, or on damp hair before styling. Enriched with Obliphica Oil, it will boost your hair with vitamin E and provide an immediate, extreme, light gloss and healthy shine. This lightweight, non-greasy spray works best on relaxed, curly, kinky, thick, coarse or wavy hair. Containing a UV screening formula, Original Shine Spray protects the outer layer of your hair from sun and weather damage. This shinning spray will work amazingly to smooth and banish frizz and has a pleasant fragrance. Helps prevent hair color from fading.

 6.76oz (200ml)  Obliphica Original Shine Spray  
 sorry no longer available

Obliphica Original Hair SerumObliphica Original Hair Serum

Obliphica Original Hair Serum is a unique serum produced from the Obliphica (aka Sea Buckthorn, Sallow Thorn) fruit, traditionally known for it's wonderful healing effects on the hair and skin. This serum is rich in vitamins, carotenoids (alfa and beta-carotene) and with an especially large proportion of vitamin E. Obliphica Original Hair Serum restores damaged hair while brining back the luster to your hair and making combing a breeze. This serum will also help protect the hair from free radicals and fulfill the needs of malnourished, depleted hair and unbalanced scalps. Recommended for daily use, before or after blow-drying, on damp or dry hair.  (as seen in the HairMatters.us Hair Oil web page)

 2.21oz    (65ml)  Obliphica Original Hair Serum   
 sorry no longer available

Obliphica Original Treatment MaskObliphica Original Treatment Mask

Obliphica brings you this advanced formula for intensive treatment for very dry or color-treated hair. The creamy texture of the Obliphica Original Treatment Mask penetrates the hair structure and envelops it in softness. Your hair will look shinier and healthier after using this mask. The Obliphica plant contains many vitamins (A, E, C, K) and oils (tea tree, olive, rosemary, etc), 18 amino acids, 11 trace minerals and naturally balanced omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids that are crucial for a healthy scalp and hair. This repairing mask will help eliminate split ends and prevent graying, making your hair stronger. The mask is pH balanced, which masks it especially useful for those struggling with using hard water.

 5.1oz (150ml) Obliphica Original Treatment Mask   
 sorry no longer available

Obliphica Original ShampooObliphica Original Shampoo

Obliphica Original Shampoo is a professional and exclusive formula for treating and restoring dry or damaged hair or hair that has undergone chemical treatment. The shampoo includes softeners and nutrients that envelope the hair in a protective layer, helping to eliminate split ends, soften the hair and give it a brilliant sheen. Obliphica Original Shampoo has active ingredients for cleaning the hair and scalp, while stabilizing your hair's pH balance and preventing dandruff. This shampoo helps maintain your hair's natural color and prevents graying. Obliphica Shampoo contains UV screen which helps to keep your hair from drying out and helps maintain your hair's natural moisture. This unique formula was developed especially for difficult climate conditions (dry, humid) and poor water quality (hard water) to actively tone and invigorate the hair. This shampoo is made of extracts of the Obliphica fruit for intensive treatment, with added natural vitamin E to keep hair healthy and shiny. 14.4oz

 14.4oz  (425ml) Obliphica Original Shampoo   
 sorry no longer available

Obliphica Hair Treatment Moisturizing CreamObliphica Original Moisturizing Cream

Obliphica Original Moisturizing Cream maximizes nutrition for your hair by combining styling features that help sculpt your hair, without making it feel greasy or sticky. This cream has moisturizers that give your hair amazing softness, suppleness and beauty. Made from unique, natural ingredients, minerals and a range of moisturizers, Obliphica Original Moisturizing Cream improves the look and styling of your hair while nurturing and strengthening it. Especially developed to combat damage from the sun, hard water and rough weather conditions. This versatile cream adds sheen, texture and control to all hair types. This non-greasy cream helps eliminate frizz and adds definition, while pure Obliphica and other selected premium oils condition and moisturize your hair. As it spreads gently throughout your hair, it tames the frayed strands to create an exceptionally smooth look. The advanced formula helps improve hair quality with every use. Dry, unruly hair is transformed into silky, smooth shiny hair. Contains UV filters.

 5.1oz  (150ml)   Obliphica Hair Treatment Moisturizing Cream   
 sorry no longer available

Obliphica Spiral
for curly hair

Obliphica Spiral Curl BuilderObliphica Spiral Curl Builder

Obliphica Spiral Curl Builder is an innovative and unique development in hair care that combines the styling qualities of mousse with nurturing moisturizing that improves hair control and hair quality, thanks to ingredients like Obliphica, Shea Butter and almonds, blended together for amazing results. This mousse lets you style your curls with complete control over the final look, with no stickiness. (as seen on HairMatters.us Curly Hair & Curly Hair Products web pages)

 17.8oz   (525ml)  Obliphica Spiral Curl Builder   
 sorry no longer available

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