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Identity by framesi offers a collection of the finest, most performance-driven shampoos that address your latest hair needs.á In addition to their individual roles in relation to the needs of specific hair styling, Identity Hair Products (by framesi) is made with the nourishing ingredients that have made framesi famous, from phycocorail and choice proteins to superoxide dismutase and ceramides, all precision blended to ensure the integrity of your hair.
jump.start shampooby i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products
Shampoo conditioner by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

look@me vlumizing lotion by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

Volume lotion

x.pand by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products
X.Pand volume cream

x.alt by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products


xs.twist by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

Xs.Twist  curl
enhancer by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

hair.force by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

shine.on by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products
wax by i.dentity  | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products


set.up by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

stay.stuck by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products
hold.up by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

Jump.Start: Shampoo  Get the party started with this gentle, daily, sulfate-free,
moisturizing shampoo that preps the hair for the next style.
The Goods
Gentle yet super effective at removing residue of styling products. It leaves color treated hair rich, vibrant & manageable. Grape Stem Cell Complex is a natural ingredient to protect hair & delay the ageing process.
Apply to wet hair; massage well on the scalp & through the hair. Rinse
thoroughly & repeat if necessary.

 Jump.Start Shampoo    1-   8oz (237ml)   $   14.40  16.00

jump.start shampoo - i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

 Restore.It: Conditioner A quick fix for a hair hangover. A lightweight, yet powerful
conditioner, designed specifically for hair that is constantly styled & over-played.
The Goods
Recover from last night's style. Bring hair back to life with the Grape Stem Cell Complex. Hair will be hydrated & ultra smooth. Weightless.
After shampooing, apply evenly through towel-dried hair. Massage well
into the ends of the hair. Leave on for 3-5 minutes & then rinse.

 Restore.It Conditioner    1-   8oz (237ml)   $   16.20  18.00

restore it conditioner - i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

  Look@Me Volumizing lotion  Bigger is better. Amp it up with this indulgent volumizing &
bodifying lotion that screams "Look at me"!
The Goods
Hair volume is amplified & static eliminated, to leave the hair pumped up with touchable texture. Grape Stem Cell Complex provides ultimate shine. Weightless, will not build up.
After shampooing, towel dry hair. Apply evenly to damp hair, working it
through the ends then blow-dry.

 Look@Me Volume Lotion    1-   8.4oz (250ml)   $   18.00 20.00

look@me - i.dentity volumizing lotion  | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products



  X.Pand Volumizing Cream types with aromatherapy Expand your hair-rizon. An extreme volumizing cream with a medium hold. Moisturizes, adds massive volume & leaves hair tossable.

The Goods
Boosts fine & lifeless hair, giving fierce support at the roots for
lasting, full blown volume. Grape Stem Cell Complex
introduces moisture to instantly score younger looking tresses.

Apply evenly to damp hair at the roots, comb & style. For use as a
thickening texturizer, apply to dry hair & style.

 X.Pand Volume Lotion    1-   10oz (300ml)   $   18.00  20.00

x.pand - i.dentity volume cream | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

  X.Alt Curl Exalter--   Bend the rules! Entice those knotty curls to be well behaved. A
silky texture cream to define, separate curls & tame the frizzles.

The Goods
Unruly ringlets find killer definition without stiffness. Grape Stem Cell Complex creates silky, sultry locks that stay smooth all day. Provides lift if applied at the roots. Humidity resistant.

After shampooing, towel dry hair & distribute cream evenly. Dry with a
diffuser or leave to air dry.

 X.Alt Curl Exalter    1-   5.1oz (150ml)   $   18.00 20.00
x.alt - i.dentitycurl exalter | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

  Xs.Twist Curl enhancer When killer curves crash... a fab fluid that embraces natural
curly textures, leaving it soft, light & manageable. On dry hair it regenerates & re-defines curls the day after. . . styling.
The Goods
Grape Stem Cell Complex energizes & tightens exhausted curls the day after washing. Can also be used before styling for bold, exciting definition, eliminating frizz. Works on all types of hair.
Curl rejuvenator: apply a small amount with hands, paying special attention to massaging product where hair is most frizzy. Pre-styling: apply evenly on wet hair & proceed with drying. Ideal for providing lift, volume & movement on all hair types.

 Xs.Twist Curl Enhancer    1-   8oz (237ml)   $   18.00  20.00

xs.twist - i.dentity curl enhancer | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

Protect.It: Thermal protector

Be smart, use protection. Don't get yourself into a hot mess. This leave-in conditioning spray is designed to shield hair from the heat of flat irons & other hot styling tools.*

The Goods
Fight the fade & add sheen while Grape Stem Cell Complex gives ultimate protection. Lock in natural hydration & shield from humidity.

Spray on wet hair to protect from heat damage caused by blow-drying.
For further protection, spray product evenly over dry and combed hair and
then proceed with flat ironing, section by section.
*Won't stick to irons.

 Protect.It Thermal Protector    1-   5.1oz (150ml)   $   17.10  19.00 - i.dentity hair protector  | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

Hair.Force: Instant Straightener

Force defiant hair to straighten up. This instant straightening fluid transforms unruly hair.

The Goods
Smooth things over with Grape Stem Cell Complex so the hair is glossy, revitalized & totally frizz free. Humidity resistant, so fiercely straight styles last all day & into the night.

Apply evenly to towel-dried hair & blow dry straight with a round or paddle brush; or allow to air dry to control frizz or soften curl. For a more dramatic effect, reapply to dry hair to enhance a super straight finish.

 Hair.Force Instant Straightener    1-   5.1oz (150ml)   $   18.00 20.00

hair.force - I.dentity straightener | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

Shine.On: Dual-purpose Wax
Flaunt the fringe & piece out the perfect strands & quench super thirsty hair with this hydrating wax.
The Goods
Steal the spotlight with radiant shine & condition. Grape Stem Cell Complex projects ultimate glitz & glam. Tames frizzy ends.
To add volume, apply to damp hair after shampooing. Apply after drying hair for the wet look. Smooth through styled hair to tame frizzy ends & add shine & moisture to fried, dyed & laid aside hair.

 Shine.On Dual-Purpose Wax    1-   1.7oz (50ml)   $   18.00  20.00

shine.on -  i.dentity wax | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

  3D.Show: Molding Wax
Rock out the inner drama queen. Shape & re-mold with this medium hold elastic strand pomade.
The Goods
Dramatize the look with moveable texture & definition. Grape Stem Cell Complex hydrates the hair while creating a dry, matte finish.
Apply to wet or dry hair. Sculpt the hair as desired.

 3D.Show Molding Wax    1-   1.7oz (50ml)   $   18.00  20.00 - i.dentity molding wax  | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

Set.Up: Clay Styling paste
Set the style up with intense texture & fierce dimension. A clay styling paste with a semi-matte finish & hold of epic proportion.
The Goods
Perfect for blunt cuts, angular lines & spiky styling. Grape Stem Cell Complex maintains healthy hair with a solid yet pliable hold.
Warm wax in hands & apply to individual strands of hair, working it with the fingers, or apply all over for an uncombed look. For greater hold, reapply as desired.

 Set.Up Clay Styling Paste    1-   1.7oz (50ml)   $   18.00  20.00

set.up - i.dentity clay paste | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

Stay.Stuck: Mousse Wax

Hard core texture with maxxxed out hold. This unique mousse wax rocks any style, adding shine & definition.
The Goods
Creativity fuzed with Stay.Stuck, results in tricked out shapes & styles. Ideal for straight or curly hair. Grape Stem Cell Complex creates radiant shine without build-up.
Shake well before use. Rub a small amount onto the palms of the hands & apply on the hair wherever definition & emphasis is required. Use on dry hair, applying a small amount to the ends or to define individual sections.

 Stay.Stuck Mousse Wax    1-   1.7oz (50ml)   $   18.00  20.00

stay.stuck - i.dentity mousse wax | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products


Hold.Up: Super hold styling spray (hair spray)

Get a grip. Fasten the perfect style & don't flake out. This non-aerosol, super hold spray maintains the look & shine of any hairstyle.*

The Goods
Toughen up & show hair who's boss. Take control, the more you pump, the harder the hold. Guard the hair with Grape Stem Cell Complex which protects from daily & environmental villains.

For wet or dry styling, spray 10 inches away from the hair. Repeat for a stronger hold.

 Hold.Up Styling Spray    1-   5.1oz (150ml)   $   18.00  20.00

hold.up - i.dentity styling spray -hair spray | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

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