ThermaFuse TACt Texture Taffy

thermafuse straight smoothing balm
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thermafuse tac texture taffy
Ingredients • Key Ingredients
Aloe Barbadensis Gel -A natural anesthetic with anti-bacterial and restorative properties; moisturizes and soothes hair and scalp.
Vitamins A, C, and E -Antioxidants to repels free-radicals, leaving hair looking and feeling younger.
Benzophenone-4 - A UV Sight absorber to protect against color fading.

Fragrance - Blackberry Vanilla Musk - Rich summer blackberries
blend with green mandarin and apple. Also infused with irresistible
violet leaves, jasmine, rose petals, amber musk, and vanilla.

the Goods - TAC provides the ultimate control for matte looks and deconstructed styles. Idea! for straight up strands and wildly
playful design. TAC is designed so you can to define - separate - shape -, and texturize your hair.

Directions - To Use

  • Apply to damp or dry hair.
  • Style mold or shape as desired.


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