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ThermaFuse f-450 One PassThermaFuse f-450 One Pass

ThermaFuse f-450 One Pass
.- Hot Iron Activated Smoothing Cream for tempory smoothing effects of your hair

  3oz ThermaFuse f-450 One Pass $22.50 25.00
10oz ThermaFuse f-450 One Pass $60.00 75.00

thermafuse hot armor ThermaFuse f-450 Hot Armor

ThermaFuse f-450 Hot Armor
.- Blow Dry Defense - Mist hot armor on the hair before blow drying and you will be amazed at the shine and manageability. It will dramatically speed up your dry time, and most importantly thanks to HeatSmart Complex, it will will protect your hair from the heat of the blow dryer, using the heat to repair you hair while you blow dry. If you are already using One Pass Hot Iron Activated Smoothing Cream, mist hot armor on your dry hair before you flat iron.

  3oz ThermaFuse f-450 Hot Armor $25.00


thermafuse BOOST thickening sprayThermaFuse Boost Thickening Spray

ThermaFuse f-450 Conditioner- keeps you smooth, fights frizz and adds shine

 1-8oz BOOST Thickening Spray $17.00
 4-8oz BOOST Thickening Spray $61.20 ...
                                                   buy 3 get 40% off #4

thermafuse ESCULPT gelThermaFuse Esculpt medium to firm Gel

ThermaFuse Esculpt Gel-

 1-8oz ThermaFuse ESCULPT Gel $17.00 
 4-8oz ESCULPT Gel $61.20 ... buy 3 get 40% off #4

thermafuse FIXXE volume mousseThermaFuse Fixxe Volume Mousse

ThermaFuse Fixxe Volume Mousse-

 1-8oz FIXXE Volume Mousse $17.00 
 4-8oz FIXXE Volume Mousse $61.20 ...
                                                   buy 3 get 40% off #4

thermafuse REDEFINER curl & wave ehnancerThermaFuse ReDefiner curl-wave enhancer

ThermaFuse Redefiner Curl - wave & enhancer: for beautifully formed curls and waves that are soft and flexible

 1-8oz REDEFINER Curl & Wave Enhancer  $17.00 
 4-8oz REDEFINER Curl & Wave Enhancer  $61.20
                                           buy 3 get 40% off #4

thermafuse STRAIGHT smoothing balmThermaFuse Straight Smoothing Balm

ThermaFuse Straight Smoothing Balm-

 1-8oz STRAIGHT smoothing balm $17.00 
 4-8oz STRAIGHT smoothing balm $61.20 ...
                                                   buy 3 get 40% off #4

thermafuse TAC texture taffyThermaFuse TAC Texture Taffyy

ThermaFuse TAC Texture Taffy- keeps you smooth, fights frizz and adds shine

 1-2.5oz TAC Texture Taffy $17.00 
 4-2.5oz TAC Texture Taffy $61.20 ... buy 3 get 40% off #4

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