porosity the fixWhite Sands Porosity the Fix daily makeup for your hair! Porosity the Fix - fixes the porosity, shine and feel of each hair shaft it touches

White Sands Porosity or Porosity the Fix: --- Fixes that canvas of your hair so your hair can be amazing. Porosity fixes the complexion of the hair. It is just like make up for the hair. With all the imperfections and everything going on with your hair you will love Porosity. What Porosity does is it fixes it so when you finish (style) your hair it looks amazing. And just like make-up you can use it every day.

A lot of other things have come out of this product. It's weightless so it is not going to affect your styling aids. It won't affect your looks, instead it will actually fix them so they look even better.

Another cool thing that came out of this is that Porosity was nominated for shine spray of the year (Schecky's Beauty at its best award 2009). Order Porosity the Fix

porosity the fixPorosity  Acts like makeup for the hair
Porosity  Fixes the porosity of each hair shaft
Porosity  Adjusts moisture balance and texture
Porosity  Helps with chemical services (like color & bleach)
Porosity  Adds shine to each strand of hair it touches
Porosity  For best results, apply daily on clean wet hair
Porosity  Does not interfere when using styling aides
Porosity  Is temporary - just like make up, but easier - 
Porosity  4 squirts on freshly shampooed & conditioned hair
Porosity  - for amazing hair


  • Bleach Highlights: Mix 4 sprays of Porosity in the bleach (bowl) to suspend any manufacturer's bleach, which will stop it from drying out. Porosity the Fix stops the bleach from swelling so the consistency stays the same throughout the process. This speeds up the processing time and eliminates blotchy blondes.

  • Color Processing: Mix 4 sprays into the color mixture to enhance color and ultimate shine. Improves Color Tonality - Makes redheads more vibrant.

  • porosity the fix

    Pre-wrap for Perms: Apply 4-6 sprays on wet hair to equalize the porosity and achieve a consistent curl pattern from end to end.

  • Styling Application: After shampooing and conditioning, add 4-6 sprays to wet hair, combing through for even distribution. This will adjust each strand's moisture balance and texture.

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