All Nutrient Color Cool RED Shampoo: Enhances red, cool red brown and mahogany tones

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All Nutrient Cool Red Shampooall nutrientcool red shampoo
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About All Nutrient Color Cool RED Shampoo: Enhance red, cool red brown and mahogany tones.
The Goods: All-Nutrient Color+ Shampoos have a vitalizing effect on the scalp and roots. Their blend of nourishing botanical extracts and vitamins encourages hair to grow in healthy from the start and creates extra body, manageability and shine. This advanced professional formulation gently bathes hair with moisturizers, leaving it healthy and vibrant, with renewed bounce.
 UV & Color protection formula.
 Sulfate & Amine-free. DEA & MEA-free. Paraben-free. Gluten-free.
 100% vegan.
How To Use:
  • thoroughly wet hair
  • apply & lather shampoo
  • (for enhacnded results let stay in hair 3 to 5 minutes)
  • rinse
  • repeat
  • follow with All Nutrient Conditioner
  • for more "how to" see the
    Hair Matters page called  Color Shampoo Directions Tips and Tricks
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