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AminoCare Complex
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AminoCare Complex: The Technology  AMINOCARE COMPLEX

AMINOCARE COMPLEX is a new technology created by the Lisap research laboratories. It makes effective use of the synergic actions of four (4) components that are fundamental to the health and beauty of the hair: Order Lisap Hair Products

  1. CERAMIDE A2 provides extra strength and shine and also restructures and protects the hair from exceedingly aggressive chemical processes.
  2. HYDROTRITICUM WAA a complex of wheat amino acids that regulate hydration, with an exceptional conditioning effect.
  3. HIBISCIN an extract of hibiscus seeds with excellent nutritive properties, for extra volume and silkiness in the hair.
  4. PURICARE a system of micro-proteins extracted from moringa seeds that effectively protect the hair from external agents. It has an anti-age and restructuring effect that even succeeds for significantly weakened hair.

Click to pick by your hair needs (condition)

           normal to dry hair                --->> Nourishing Moisture
           color treated sensitive hair    --->> Repair
           hair need more volume         --->> Volumizing

           need styling tools                  --->> Sculpture

The Lisap code revealed  - it is a simple as 123
C1 = Cleanse (Shampoo)           T2 = Treat (Condition)            P3 = Protect

Top Care Hair Treatment System - the exclusive intensive treatment system created to fully restore any type of hair to its former beauty. The Top Care Hair Treatment System is an effective personalized system that treats the hair and restores perfect BALANCE. Simple to use starting with cleansing

(Cleansing) followed by  ...personalized treatment (Treatment) and then protection (P=Protection) - all that is needed to produce beautifully cleansed, perfectly conditioned and well protected hair, ready for styling. The inspiration for the Top Hair Treatment System is: -----

Because to have true BEAUTY in the hair there needs to be a finely tuned BALANCE between all the elements of the hair BALANCE is often compromised by many factors:

ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE: Possible extreme damage caused to the hair by the sun, pollution, sea water and chlorine in swimming pools.

STYLING ACCESSORIES: The excessive or incorrect use of hair dryers, heated straighteners brushes and other styling tools can easily damage and stress the hair.

CHEMICAL TREATMENTS: Over use or incorrect application of chemical treatments, such as permanent or other coloring products, can cause serious damage to the internal structure of the hair.

Top Care Hair Treatment System - products that restore the original BALANCE to hair for maximum BEAUTY.

Order Lisap Hair Products

Lisap prescriptive therapies are designed to treat your specific hair care needs. Describe your hair to determine which products will be most effective for you. Then "click to pick."

hair description

 click to pick

 normal to dry hair  Nourishing Moisture
 color treated sensitive hair  Repair
 fine limp hair    Volumizing
 fizzy or straight hair  Smoothing
 styling aids  sCULTture  = sculpture
 hair sprays   strong hold
  natural hold
  body building

The Lisap code revealed  - it is a simple as 123...   shampoo, condition, & protect
C1 = Cleanse (Shampoo)           T2 = Treat (Condition)            P3 = Protect

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