Best Emergency Hair Repair and Hair Rescue Treatment

Emergency Hair Repair by Framesi Damaged hair ?
This is the product we have been wishing for ... for over 40 years
Today you can help your damaged hair ...

  • you can - give your hair + 85% More Shine
  • you can - make your hair + 62% Stronger
  • you can - make your hair + 40% Easier To Comb
  • all in 3 easy steps - (step #2 does requires heat)

Revitalizing Shampoo:Morphosis Revitalizing Shampoo
Step 1a - Work shampoo through scalp and hair, lather and working
                into hair to insure thorough coverage and cleansing, rinse
Step 1b - Repeat shampoo step # 1a taking care to thoroughly
                cleanse the hair, rinse
Step 1c - Towel blot hair and squeeze dry.
                (excess water dilutes the treatment results)
Step 1d - Use a second towel and re-squeeze-dry your hair.
                (damp dry hair is key #1 too much moisture will
                dilute/reduce or diminish your treatment results.)

33.8oz Morphosis Revitalizing Shampoo $66.00 99.00

Re-Structure Express Hair Filler Morphosis Express Filler
Step 2a - Apply Re-Structure Express Hair Filler in sections massaging each section to improve thorough coverage
Note: - treatment can not work an hair if it does not contact the hair
- full coverage is the the keys to this superior treatment!
Step 2b -Work through your hair using your hands
be sure to cover all strands of your hair with the product!
- again - the treatment can not work if it does not come into cotnact
with your hair
Step 2c - Pile long hair on top of head using clips as required.
Step 2d:- Cover hair with plastic cap and
place hair under warm dryer for 20 minutes
Step 2e - remove from under dryer and let hair cool
Step 2f - rinse with water being getle to hair - do NOT try to detangel --------- go to step #3

33.8oz Morphosis Express Filler $66.00 99.00

  Morphosis Precious Fluid look@me vlumizing lotion by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

Step 3a - Re-Structuring Precious Fluid:
apply Precious restructuring / hardening-sealing fluid                 through-out the hair working into cover all pieces of hair
Step 3b - Leave Precious Fluid for 5 minutes
after thorough distribution has been achieved.
Step 3c - Thoroughly rinse the hair and cut or style as desired.

33.8oz Morphosis Express Filler $66.00 99.00

Treatment frequency: Morphosis Emergency Service

    • first 2 treatments within 15 days of each other,
    • then 1 treatment each month
    • 1 treatment once a month
  3. Home maintenance
    • To preserve your treatment results we recommend using the Color Lover Hair Products to hydration and stability your hair repair treatment. Including Color Lover Hair Primer INTENSE spray-on leave-in conditioner & Color Lover Hair Masque.

The Rules when to APPLY and when NOT to apply your Framesi Hair Treatment:


  Starter Set of Three
Starter Set of Three $181.00 $297.00

Framesi Hair Treatment and your hair color:

  1. Single Process Hair Color
    The Framesi hair treatment CAN be used the the same day as a single process Framesi hair color if you so desire: -
    • you just do the treatment FIRST
    • dry the hair then
    • apply you Framesi color.
    • -
    • option 2 is to wait and apply the treatment 24 hours after the color.
    • -



Framesi Hair Treatment and your and Hair Perms:

If used the same day the treatment may soften the perm results so if you want to keep the maximum tightness in your new permed curly hair it is best to wait 3-days before applying the treatment


Framesi Hair Treatment and your and Hair Straightening:-

If the Treatment is used on the same day as your hair straightening treatment your straightening could revert and return to its former curly state. It is best to wait a week after straightening your hair before apply this treatment.



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