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Biogenol Ultra Deep MasqueHands down the "most often ordered and re-ordered" hair masque WAS the Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque. Today this has changed because Ultra Deep Masque has bee re-packaged as
Color Lover Masque. Here is the skinney:

  • Color Lover Masqueboth use the same base formula
  • both use the same fragrance
  • - Color Lover Moisture Masque uses Quinoa Protein
  • - Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque used wheat protein
  • Color Lover Moisture Masque has added ingredients to halt color fading
  • The manufacturer was smart to not discontinue shuh a good selling prduct!

Your shampoo and conditioner may simply not be enough to get you hair to the look and feel that you want. A weekly Conditioning Masque can drastically improve the quality of your hair. For anyone with dry or damaged hair, whether it is naturally occurring or if it is a result of chemical processing, a conditioning masque is a must! If you're hair care regime has been falling short on results, give a conditioning masque a try.

Conditioning masques are also relatively easy to use. For the simplest ones, all you have to do is shampoo and condition your hair as usual, then apply the conditioning masque evenly throughout the hair (a wide toothed comb is best for this, but you can use your fingers), and let it sit on your hair for the recommended time. Then you rinse it out and continue styling your hair. There are more complicated forms of a conditioning masque (see Best Treatment) that allow  you to mix and match different additives/boosters to completely customize the conditioning masque for your hair's needs. These tend to cost a little bit more, but are worth it if you have combination hair (ex: fine and dry, dull and damaged).

With any type of conditioning masque ot hair treatment, you can increase your results by adding heat to the process. The best way to do this at home is by using a Heat Cap for Hair Products. After applying the masque, put a Processing Cap on your head, making sure all of the hair is inside it. Then, just follow the instructions for the heat cap (you basically put it on on top of the processing cap and turn it on. The lowest setting is all you will need.). Leave the heat and the masque on for the recommend time, about 15 to 20 minutes, listed on the conditioning masque's bottle/jar. When the time is up, you take off the caps, let your hair cool down then rinse your hair.

The 2nd best heating appliance is the the Hair Bonnet Hooded Dryer Attachment - that also gives you a great and inexpensive option when traveling.

The heat helps the product penetrate further into the hair shaft. The heat helps open up the outer layer of the hair (cuticle) so that the product has an easier time getting into the hair shaft. When your hair cools down, the cuticle shrinks, trapping the product inside your hair. This is the reason, we recommend waiting until your hair is completely cool before rinsing .

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