Best on day 2 | Best Hair Products on day two:

There are are a fair number of folks who choose not to start with a fresh shampoo & conditioner - every day. We all know it would be best but it just isn't going to get done. Not to worry we understand and we are here to help!

  • First if you are a day 2 person try products theat are designed to be restyles - try the White Sands Product line. White Sands Styling Products are designed for styling and restyling your hair, even on day 2. Change you hair from day to night fashion .. From every day, work-a-day, to crazy leading edge looks or for high fashhion, trendy photo shoots White Sands Products let you RE-style... over and over again!
  • Second -if you need added volume on Day-2 because the top has gone flat, try Osis Dust It (a little stronger hold) or Lanza Powder Up (good hold, more product & costs less). Folks with fine hair love thse two products and so do the ladies who find their hair is gowing flat because their perm is growing out. Great for root lift on dry hair! Even works on Day-1
  • Got Dry Frizzy Hair on Day-2:
    • try Abba_Pure Moisture Leave-In Herbal Remedy - spray on & scrunch - to tame your frizz
    • use mousse on the ends of dry hair - foam up - and graze the frizzy ends with the mousse - pinch where you see the white mousse on the hair, to make the frizz disappear (from the Hair Matters Oreo-Cookie Mousse Trick) where we quote "control your curly "frizzies" using mousse with the "Oreo-Cookie Mousse Trick." The idea is simple. Mousse comes out "wet"  and it also adds a little hold or set to hair. So if you let some mousse foam up in the palm of your hand the squish it to make and Oreo-Cookie with the mousse in the center and your hands as the cookie. Now pull your hands apart so some of the "mousse-filling " stays on each hand. Look in the mirror and move your hands toward the frizzy  ends of your hair, until the mousse (white) is picked up, and can be seen clinging to the frizzy ends of your hair.  The  idea is to re-wet the "frizzy ends only" using the wet mousse, then pinch the white mousse on the frizzy ends to bring the frizz under control - giving your curl definition with the frizz." This is also a great trick for day 2 hair.
  • Try "The Beach Look"
    • Lanza Beach Spray is the product you want for the disheveled " I've been on the beach" look. Spray scrunch and mess it up a little & you are good to go!

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