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Deva Curl products are botanically infused and 100% sulfate free. Deva Concepts took the poo out of the shampoo, enabling you to cleanse and hydrate without the use of harsh detergents that are found in shampoos.

Deva Curl products help curly individuals with their tight and ringlet curls, to those with medium to loose curls. Deva Curl products range from styling products to shampoos and conditioners that help to recondition and de-frizz curly hair. Deva Curl products help maintain moisture but still keep curls defined and manageable even in the worst weather conditions. No more harsh lathering and heavy detergents (found in most shampoos), just low suds, moisture enhancing hair cleansing. Deva Curls does not contain unnecessary chemicals, just the necessities, keeping in mind that hair needs to look good but still remain healthy. Each product has its own ingredients.

For hair that is permed or chemically treated, try Deva Care Products

Deva Curl Hair Products
Deva Curl Hair Products
Shampoo   Conditioner   Styling Products

Deva Curl DevaFuser Kit

Deva Curl DevaFuser Kit gives you 360 degrees of diffused air flow with the DevaFuser. DevaFuser has a unique ergonomic design. Deva Curl's DevaFuser is the first diffuser innovation in over 60 years. Light weight and quick drying. Eliminates frizz forever!

DevaFuser Kit Includes:
  • DevaFuser ~ revolutionary hair dryer diffuser

  • New Hair Dryer
    • 1200 watts
    • 2-speeds
    • 2-heat settings
    • cold shot
    • negative Ion flow to help control frizz
    • 1-year factory warrantee
       Deva Curl DevaFuser Kit including new blow dryer  $199.95  270.00

  • Deva Curl Travel Kit

    Deva Curl Travel Kit is the perfect way to bring DevaCurl with you wherever you go! This travel kit is also a great way to introduce yourself, or a friend, to the wonderful line of Deva Curl Products. Contains travel size (3oz.) bottles of our most popular products: Deva Curl Travel Kit
    • 3 oz Deva Curl One Condition
    • 3 oz Deva Curl No-Poo
    • 3 oz Deva Curl Angell
    • 3 oz Deva Curl Set It Free
       Deva Curl Travel Kit  $27.00  30.00

    Deva Curl Shampoo
    No Poo Cleanser  Low Poo Cleanser

    Deva Curl No Poo CleanserDeva Curl No Poo Cleanser
    as seen on the page Shampoo

    Deva Curl No Poo Cleanser is a zero-lather conditioning cleanser. No-Poo's gentle rescue formula for frizzy, unmanageable curls, cleans and conditions very dry, damaged hair and scalp. Deva Curl restores your hair to healthy, bouncy curls. Refreshingly scented with Peppermint and Turkish Rose.

     12oz   Deva Curl No Poo Cleanser  $16.20  18.00
    32oz   Deva Curl No Poo Cleanser  $34.20  38.00
    (As seen on the  HairMatters,us Best Shampoo for Men page.)
    Deva Curl Low Poo CleanserDeva Curl Low Poo Cleanser

    Deva Curl Low Poo Cleanser's thicker, richer formula is even better at cleansing an oily scalp, leaving hair silky soft. Low Poo has a more natural, fresher scent. Low-Poo is tough on grime and gentle enough for daily use. This unique low lather (5%) cleanser is a cleansing and maintenance alternative for wavy or straight hair that gently removes dirt and/or styling products without disturbing the natural balance of moisture in your hair.

     12oz   Deva Curl Low Poo Cleanser  $16.20  18.00
    32oz   Deva Curl Low Poo Cleanser  $34.20  38.00

    Deva Curl Conditioner
    B'Leave-In Conditioner   One Condition   Heaven In Hair

    Deva Curl B'Leave-In Leave-In ConditionerDeva Curl B'Leave-In Conditioner

    Deva Curl B'Leave-In Leave-In Conditioner is infused with botanicals and enriching proteins. B'Leave-In delivers maximum moisture, vitality and brilliance. This leave-in conditioner can be used as a 24-48-hour hair moisturizer to maintain luster and manageability.

       6oz   Deva Curl B'Leave-In Conditioner  $16.20  18.00
    16oz   Deva Curl B'Leave-In Conditioner  $34.20  38.00

    Deva Curl One ConditionDeva Curl One Condition

    Deva Curl One Condition will keep the moisture level of hair and scalp balanced to perfection. One Condition restores, hydrates and neutralizes detergent and product residue with the fresh scent of lemongrass. (Deva Curl Condition One as seen on the HairMatters,us Conditioner  page.)

      12oz   Deva Curl One Condition  $16.20  18.00
      32oz   Deva Curl One Condition  $34.20  38.00

    Deva Curl Heaven In Hair Moisture TreatmentDeva Curl Heaven In Hair Moisture Treatment

    Deva Curl Heaven In Hair Moisture Treatment really is heaven for your hair! Experience maximum hydration from the rain forests of Brazil. Infused with Cupuacu, Murumuru and Cocoa seed butter.

       8oz   Deva Curl Heaven In Hair Moisture Treatment  $22.50  25.00
    16oz   Deva Curl Heaven In Hair Moisture Treatment  $36.00  40.00

    Deva Curl Styling Products
    Mist-Er Right   Set Me Up   Set It Free   AnGell

    NEW! Deva Curl Mirror Curls Shine SerumDeva Curl Mirror Curls Shine Serum

    The newest addition to a product line dedicated to the curly lifestyle! This first ever, silicone-free, water-soluble, botanically infused, 99% naturally derived shine serum delivers moisture, maximum curl reflection and a shine so bright you can see your curls in it. Great for all curl types.

       1.7oz   Deva Curl Mirror Curls Shine Serum  $22.50  25.00

    Deva Curl Mist-Er Right TonicDeva Curl Mist-Er Right Tonic

    Deva Curl Mist-Er Right Tonic is a lavender-based tonic helps revitalize even the most delicate, tired curls. Renew...refresh...rejuvenate...relax...with Mist-er Right, a spa treatment for curls. Use on wet or dry hair to reactivate Devacurl's Angell. A versatile "hair-freshener", use the mist on the beach, after exercising, smoking and other outdoor activities for both scalp and skin.

       12oz   Deva Curl Mist-Er Right Tonic  $16.20  18.00

    Deva Curl Set Me UpDeva Curl Set Me Up

    Deva Curl Set Me Up provides maximum texture, separation and styling for today's modern styles. Set Me Up! gives shine and movement without feeling stiff or sticky. Botanically infused with Jojoba and Cupuacu seed oil. Style on wet or dry hair.

       3.8oz   Deva Curl Set Me Up  $16.20  18.00

    Deva Curl Set It Free Moisture LockDeva Curl Set It Free Moisture Lock

    Deva Curl Set It Free Moisture Lock will help you hold, define, de-frizz and hydrate your precious locks. Deva Curl Set It Free separates and secures your curls with 24-48 hour moisture lock holding power. Made with Beeswax and olive oil, Deva Curl Set It Free will replenish your curls giving them the ultimate shine they need.

       6oz   Deva Curl Set It Free Moisture Lock $16.20  18.00

    Deva Curl AnGell Conditioning GelDeva Curl AnGell Conditioning Gel

    Deva Curl AnGell Conditioning Gel will help you de-frizz your hair while adding moisture. This light-weight gel dissolves instantly when applied to wet hair, yet holds to form curls without feeling sticky or stiff.

       12oz   Deva Curl AnGell Conditioning Gel  $16.20  18.00
       32oz   Deva Curl AnGell Conditioning Gel  $34.20  38.00

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