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Discount Products:  

Find the best discounts on your beauty products right here! The beauty products offered below are priced far below the retail price - you can't find a better discount anywhere!
These products are marked at such a great discount because we only have few of the left - and they're selling out fast! Make your order and save money today!

Pureology Color MaxPureology Colour Max Bodifying Detangler

Pureology Colour Max is a bodifying detangler. This spray-on conditioner tackles tangles, leave hair smooth and manageable and shields hair from environmental elements that cause color to fade.

 2oz  Pureology Colour Max  $5.80  7.70  Travel Size

Lanza Strait Line Products
Strait Line Shampoo Strait Line Conditioner

Lanza Strait Line ShampooLanza Strait Line Shampoo

Curl Relaxing Shampoo
A moisture-rich shampoo that cleanses, helps smooth curly hair & helps control frizz.

 8.5oz Lanza Strait Line Shampoo  $6.25  8.25
3- 8.5oz  Lanza Strait Line Shampoo  $12.50   18.74  Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!

Lanza Strait Line ConditionerLanza Strait Line Conditioner

Curl Relaxing Conditioner
Dual-action formula adds moisture, reduces frizz & helps relax hair.
Rinse Out for Moisture & shine orá
Leave IN for extra moisture relaxing & frizz control

 8.5oz Lanza Strait Line Conditioner $6.25  8.25
3- 8.5oz  Lanza Strait Line Conditioner  $12.50   18.74  Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!

Sexy Hair Products
Clean Slate Shampoo  Cool Factor Conditioner  Hard Up Gel  Quick Change Balm
Soy Gelatine Gel  Soy Smoothie

Short Sexy Hair Clean Slate ShampooShort Sexy Hair Clean Slate Shampoo

Short Sexy Hair Clean Slate is a daily cleansing shampoo. This deep-cleansing formula removes pollutants and products build-up, yet is gentle enough for everyday use and is safe on color-treated hair. Prevents moisture loss and creates thicker, softer, shinier hair.

 8.5oz Short Sexy Hair Clean Slate Shampoo  $6.00  12.00  Only ONE Left!!

Short Sexy Hair Cool Factor ConditionerShot Sexy Hair Cool Factor Conditioner

Short Sexy Hair Cool Factor Conditioner is a fortifying, scalp-soothing conditioner that creates thicker, denser and shinier hair. Cool Factor hydrates & softens without weighing down hair. Refreshing peppermint oil revitalizes and invigorates circulation in the scalp.

 8.5oz Shot Sexy Hair Cool Factor Conditioner $7.00  14.00  Only ONE Left!!

Short Sexy Hair Hard Up GelShort Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel

Short Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel gives you extreme hold and control, never flakes and dries fast

 5.1oz Short Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel  $8.00  16.00  Only ONE Left!!

Short Sexy Hair Quick Change Shaping BalmShort Sexy Hair Quick Change Shaping Balm

Short Sexy Hair Quick Change Shaping Balm lets you define and separate your hair while creating volume and changeable styles. Use on damp or dry hair.

 1.7oz Short Sexy Hair Quick Change Shaping Balm  $8.00  16.00  Only 6 Left!!



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