Frizz Hair Products

Frizz Hair Products

Frizz Hair Products Frizz Hair Products

Frizz Hair Products:  

Do you wish your bushy, frizzy hair was sleek and shiny? The solution for your frizzy hair is simply finding the right Anti-Frizz hair products for your hair! Whether your hair is naturally curly and frizzy, or damaged, due to coloring, perming or highlighting, and frizzy, we can help your find the products you need to make your hair look it's best. The anti-frizz hair products below will help smooth and coat the hair cuticles while adding shine and taming frizz.

Tame your frizzy hair with Anti Frizz Shampoo, Anti Frizz Conditioner and anti frizz styling products offered below. Try one product, or try the frizz shampoo, frizz conditioner and frizz styling products from an entire line to get the upper hand on your frizzy hair!

Tips for Frizzy Hair:
Blow-drying your hair without first applying a styling products will cause it to frizz. Apply  Wio Strait Balm  or Color Lover Hair Primer 11 or thermal activated Crazy Straight before you start blow drying!
For thick, frizzy hair: use a wax to smooth out the mid-lengths and ends. Use only medium heat when blow-drying.
For thick, coarse hair: use a cream like Way Smooth or an oil like Orchids Oil
For fine hair: use a serum like Shine Drops or light spray like Color Lover Hair Primer 11.
Anti Frizz Spray: we recommend BY Framesi Pearl Shine Spray or  Pink Up Spray Gloss
Moroccanoil Treatment for All Hair TypesMoroccanoil Treatment   replaced with Orchids Oil Treatment
 The very popular Moroccanoil Treatment for all hair types (shown right) instantly absorbs into the hair to create instant shine and long term conditioning without leaving an oily residue.

The Moroccanoil folks don't want their product sold on line so we have located and Orchids Oil Treatment by the White Sands company that we feel gives you better results at about half the cost.  Our clients agree Orchids Oil is your Best Bet when it comes to hair oil! You will like the long term results. The Orchids fragrance is wonderful and you will NOT dry out you hair with long-term/daily use.

Order Orchids Oil Treatment for All Hair Types

BY Pearl Shine Spray Framesi BY Shine Spray

BY Pearl Shine Spray is a light anit-frizz glossing spray used add shine and give your hair te finsihed look you want for your hairstyle. Sprays on to give you great shine & has a wonderful fragrance.


Order BY Pearl Shine Spray

Pink Up Spray GlossPink Up Spray Gloss

Pink up Spray Gloss is an anit frizz glossing spray used to finish off and add shine to your hairstyle. Sprays on to give you great shine & a wonderful fragrance.


Order Pink Up Spray Gloss

Frizz Hair Products
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By Framesi Frizz Hair Products

By Framesi Wio Strait BalmBy Framesi Wio Strait Balm
Great for straightening , naturally curly or wavy hair • with a dryer or a flat iron! Tames and smoothes even the most rebellious, disobedient hair types with WIO Strait Balm. Blocks humidity for all-say frizz control. Softens and moisturizes the hair while adding incredible shine.  Thermal and UV protectant. Straighten it, soften it, make it smother  ... Be yourself. A straightening balm that smoothes and tames.  Great for even the most rebellious,  disobedient hair types. • Blocks humidity for all-day frizz control.  Softens and moisturizes the hair while adding incredible shine.

Order By Framesi Wio Strait Balm

Framesi Color Lover Hair Products

gives you 95% Longer Lasting Color Feel Better Hair  • Wheat Free  •Gluten Free  •Environmentally Friendly hair care that also protects you hair and your hair color.

framesi Color Lover smooth shaine shampoo

Color Lover Smooth Shine Shampoo the anti-frizz shampoo for all hair types


  • Invigorates, smoothes and protects your hair
  • Conditioning formulation shields the hair shaft, protecting it from light, heat and pollution
  • Shine Enhancers  highlights your hair & hair color


 Order Color Lover Smooth Shine Shampoo

colorlovers smoothe shine conditioner

Color Lover Smooth Shine Conditioner the anti-frizz conditioner for all hair types
  • With moisturizers and a pool of antioxidant enzymes
  •  bio-technological origin,
  • favors the alignment of the hair fibers,
  •  exalting smoothness
  • gives exceptional shine
  • prolongs color


 Order Color Lover Smooth Shine Conditioner

Color Lover air primer

Color Lover Hair Primer 11  "My Hair feels like my hair, - only better!"

Pre-styling, acid pH primer, formulated with antioxidant enzymes  and a UV screen.
Indispensable for removing imperfections before drying the hair.
With 11 plus (as seen on Hair Matters Feel Better Hair Page)

  • Cosmetic color protection for all hair types
  • Protection from hair dryer and iron heat
  • Hydration and nourishment for damaged hair
  • Light texture which does not weigh down the hair shaft
  • Shine and silkiness for frizzy hair
  • Greater body for delicate and fine hair
  • Anti-static control
  • Better manageability for coarse and frizzy hair
  • Easier styling for straight hair
  • Longer-lasting styling
  • Combats split ends


 Order Color Lover Hair Primer 11

J Beverly Hills Frizz Hair Products

J Beverly Hills Control ShampooJ Beverly Hills Control Shampoo
 J Beverly Hills Control Shampoo is a taming shampoo that adds moisture and controls frizz.  Formulated with thyme and nettle botanical extracts and conditioning agents. This unique shampoo is sulfate-free and will subdue and detangle thick, coarse hair to unruly, curly hair. Provides control and enhances natural shine. Follow by using Control Conditioner.

Order J Beverly Hills Control Shampoo

J Beverly Hills Control ConditionerJ Beverly Hills Control Conditioner
 J Beverly Hills Control Conditioner 
is a taming conditioner that tames unruly & frizzy hair while improving luster & shine. Formulated with lavender, sage, and safflower botanical herbal extracts. Fortified with natural conditioners and proteins to control unruly hair and enhance manageability.

Order J Beverly Hills Control Conditioner

J Beverly Hills Crazy StraightJ Beverly Hills Crazy Straight
 J Beverly Hills Crazy Straight
is a straightening lotion that temporarily straightens, controls frizz and adds a natural shine to your hair (hold factor of 1).
Formulated with comfrey root and botanical extracts. These elements are combined with thermal-activated polymers to provide non-chemical and temporary straightening.

Order J Beverly Hills Crazy Straight

J Beverly Hills Shine DropsJ Beverly Hills Shine Drops  
 J Beverly Hills Shine Drops is a light gloss serum that boosts shine, eliminates frizz and seals the hair (hold factor of 1).
This silicone-based lightweight serum infuses brilliant shine with a silky feel, without weighing hair down. A multi-use gloss that defrizzes and resists humidity.

Order J Beverly Hills Shine Drops


Lisap Frizz Hair Products

Lisap Straight Fluid lisap straight fluid

Lisap Straight Fluid  restructures the hair protecting it from the heat. The ingredients are resistant to high temperatures guaranteeing extra smooth and ultra resistant results. Sooths the hair and fight frizz. Has built in anti-humidity protection. Created to maximize the hair structure making it safe to use ceramic straightening irons.

Directions: Apply section by section then let dry before using straightening irons 

Order Lisap Straight Fluid

Lisap Sculture M-StraightLisap Sculture M-Straight
 Lisap Sculture M-Straight temporary straightener to tame frizzy, curly or permed hair - versatile can be used for either soft effects or totally straight looks. Results last until the next shampoo. Hair is soft, supple, silky and shiny.

Order Lisap Sculture M-Straight

Paul Brown Hawaii Frizz Hair Products

Paul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight ShampooPaul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Shampoo
Paul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Shampoo is an Anti-Frizz shampoo.

Order Paul Brown Stray Straight Shampoo

Paul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight ConditionerPaul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Conditioner
Paul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Conditioner is an anti-frizz smoothing conditioner.

Order Paul Brown Stay Straight Conditioner

Paul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Molding CreamPaul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Molding Cream
Paul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Molding Cream is an anti-frizz styling and molding cream.

Order Paul Brown Stay Straight Molding Cream

Paul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Smoothing BalmPaul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Smoothing Balm
Paul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Smoothing Balm is an anti-frizz smoothing balm.

Order Paul Brown Stay Straight Smoothing Balm

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