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Hard Water: Lots of folks look for " shampoo for hard water" or hard water shampoo and Hard Water Remedies .

Homes that depend on well water often exposing hair to minerals (iron, calcium, copper, magnesium) that can attach on to the hair and scalp and cause dryness, damage, discoloration, hair loss, flaky, itchy scalp, and the inability for chemical services to properly process.

The best shampoo for hard water , Helps prevent build-up of well water minerals (iron, calcium, copper, magnesium) while gently cleansing hair and scalp. Helps prevent discoloration caused by iron and copper. Leaves hair soft, manageable, full of shine and free of minerals.

"shampoo for hard water", " hard water shampoos", "shampoo hard water", hard water shampoo  are all different ways of asking for Malibu 2000 Well Water Action« Shampoo. Available in both 9oz and 32oz sizes.

An even better solution would be to remove the build up that inevitably occurs with a Well Water Action« Removal Kit  Well Water Removal Kit followed with continue daily maintenance using the Making Well Water kit and EC Mode EC Mode Malibu Hard Water Treatment Solution.

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