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Lisap Hair Products: Over fifty years. Lisap success in Europe is gaining rapid popularity here in the United States because of their distinct quality, innovation and results.--- & Lisap Ultimate ---

Lisap Hydra Care Shampoo
lisap Hyra Care Conditioner
lisap hydra care nourishing masque Lisap Color Care Shampoo Lisap Color Care Conditioner Lisap Color Care Barrier Cream Lisap Silver Care Shampoo
Lisap Hydra Care = Moisture

Top Care Moisture  Top Care Repair  Top Care Volumizing  Top Care Smoothing  Sculture

Lisap Sleek Spray
lisap eco spray
Lisap Strong Mousse
lisap shiny gel mousse
Lisap Sculture C-Gum Molding Paste
lisap extra strong gel spray
lisap straight fluid
lisynet-hair-spray STRONG
LisyNet Hair Spray Natural

Lisap Top Care Hydra Care Hydra Care ShampooIntensive Hydra Care Shampoo

Lisap Intensive Hydra Care Shampoo is for normal to dry hair and delicately cleanses the hair, nourishes it, making it easier to comb - so light it will not weight down your hair. Hydrates dry, damaged hair and restores strength. Leaves hair shiny and healthy.
Follow with Top Care Hydra Care Conditioner for a perfect solution for healthy hair.

   33.8oz  Lisap Top Care Hydra Care Shampoo $23.40  26.00
   8.45oz  Lisap Top Care Hydra Care Shampoo    $12.60  14.00

Lisap Hydra Care Hydra Care Conditioner

Lisap Hydra Care Conditioner is a rich conditioner that nourishes dry, damaged and fragile hair. Strengthens and restructures the hair.
Revitalizes the hair and adds body.
Use after shampooing with Top Care Hydra Care Shampoo for optimal results.
33.8oz  Lisap Top Care Hydra Care Conditioner $25.20   28.00
 8.45oz  Lisap Top Care Hydra Care Conditioner     $13.40   16.00

lisap nourishing masqueLisap Hydra Care Hydra Care Masque  

Lisap Intensive Top Care Hydra Care Masque A deep nourishing treatment for dry, damaged hair which leaves hair stronger and vibrant than ever before.

   8.4oz oz  Lisap Top Care Hydra Care Masque  $21.60  24.00

Lisap Top Care Repair now part of every Lisap shampoo and conditioner.
Lisap Top Care Repair is formulated to make hair color last longer. By closing the cuticle. Top Care Repair uses natural extracts to perfectly close the cuticle seals in color molecules, removing undesireable elements from hair color or other hair processes, The result .. Soft , Full Bodied, Vvisibly Shinier (healthier looking) hair and Longer Lasting Hair Color... also see lisap_hair_products

Lisap Color Care Shampoo Lisap Color Care Shampoo
(was Post Color ph3 Balance Shampoo Red Bottlle)

Lisap Color Care Shampoo This should be the frst shampoo you use. Use Lisap color Care Shampoo to remove the hair color from your hair and your scalp.Color Care Shampoo gently removes alkaline color reside from your hair and your scalp while it closes the cuticle layer of your hair and restores the hair & scalps pH to your hair right after your color service. Thei entire process seals in your new hair color giving you longer lasting color results. Follow with Lisap Color Care Conditioner.

On a daily basis Lisap Color Care Shampoo is enriched with BlueBerry Extract, Ceramie A2 and Color_Care_Complex guaranteeing you longer lasting, crisp and fresh hair color results. Extending the life of your hair color

33.8oz  Lisap Color Care Shampoo      $32.40   36.00

Lisap Color Care Conditioner Lisap Color Care Conditioner
(was Post Color ph3 Balance Conditioner Red Bottle)

Lisap Hair Repair Conditioner Restores the pH of the hair after the color service Closes the cuticle and makes hair smooth and shiny. Perfect for maintaining the condition of the hair at home.
Protects the longevity of the color. Great for de-tangling hard to comb hair.
Formulated for all types of hair. Works especiall well on fine hair.

33.8oz  Lisap Color Care Conditioner   $36.00   40.00
     8.45oz  Lisap Color Care Conditioner    $14.40   16.00

Lisap Color Care Barrier Cream Lisap Color Care Barier Cream
.................(was Barrier Cream Red Tube)

Lisap Barier Cream Unique product which when applied to the hairline prior to the color service prevents stains. The dramatic difference in Screen Color is that even if the product gets into the hair, the color will still penetrate through.

Keeps Hair color from depositing on your skin. Apply along hair-line and On or around Ears to prevent color deposit where you do not wnat color to deposit.

    5.1oz  Lisap Intensive Barrier Cream T2  $19.80   22.00

for Frizzy or Straight Hair

| Lisap Mask | Lisap Oil Plus | Lisap Straight Fluid

Lisap Ultimate Mask Conditionerlisap ultimate masque conditoner

Lisap Ultimate Mask Conditioner

  • Moisture rich smoothing mask formulated with macadamia oil.
  • Eliminates dryness and restores moisture levels.
  • Increases hair thickness especially when used after Lisap Ultimate Shampoo.
  • Enhances the appearance of permanent colour.
  • Tames and revives porous, dehydrated hair.
  • Gentle on untreated, sensitised and coloured hair. 
8.45oz   Lisap Ultimate Mask Conditioner  $23.40  26.00

Lisap Ultimate Oil Plus lisap ultimate oil plus

Lisap Ultimate Oil Plus enriched with Argan Oil and Hydrolysed Keratin creates a wonderful silky and shiny effect. It has an advanced Anti-frizz action that boosts hair quality, maintains hydration levels and beautiful condition. It is your ideal choice when straightening. It also makes hair exceptionally easy to handle and to style.

4oz   Lisap Ultimate Oil Plus   $13.40  15.00

Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid lisap straight fluid

Lisap Straight Fluid  restructures the hair protecting it from the heat. The ingredients are resistant to high temperatures guaranteeing extra smooth and ultra resistant results. Sooths the hair and fight frizz. Has built in anti-humidity protection. Created to maximize the hair structure making it safe to use ceramic straightening irons. (more about Lisap_Ultimate_Straight_Fluid )

Restores the hair. Formulated with special ingredients that give maximum heat protection, enabling you to create perfectly smooth-straight styles. Reduces frizz, protects from humidity, leaving hair in optimal condition.

Directions: 1- Apply section by section then 2- let dry before using straightening irons 

8.45oz   Lisap UniSystem Straight Fluid   $21.60  24.00
  more about Anti Frizz Hair Products  & more

Lisap Silver Care ShampooLisap Silver Care Shampoo

Lisap Silver Care Shampoo  Silver Care complex for younger looking hair with Azulene, derived from Camomile
Ceramide A2 and Goji Bean Extract ar used to restore brilliant color, neutralize yellow tones in gray hair and and light blonde hair. Leaves hair incredibly shiny.
Will not build up in your hair.
16.9 oz Lisap Silver Care Shampoo   $19.80  22.00
8.45 oz Lisap Silver Care Shampoo   $14.40  16.00

Lisap Sculture Styling T

| Gum Molding Paste | Strong Mousse | Shining Gel Mousse | Shine Sleek Spray | Eco-Spray | Extra Strong Gel Spray |

Lisap Sleek SprayLisap Sculture Shine Sleek Spray
(was purity shine spray)

Lisap Sclulture Shine Sleek Spray with its soft haold guarantees instant shine, long-lasting hold and elasticity for every hairstyle. Dare to Dazzle. Spray on Liquid Gloss for instant shine. Especially good for curly or dry hair. Guarantees maximum protection, shine and elasticity.

6.76oz   Lisap Sleek Spray $12.60  14.00
Directions for use: apply on dry hair

lisap eco spray Lisap Sculture Eco-Spray (was eco-s)

Lisap sculture Eco-Spray is a Strong Hold spray tht guarantees volume, so light it does not weigh doen the hair. Gravity defying, special strong hold volumizing, non-aerosol hair spray for lasting support and volume, holds and protects. Gives the hair shine and flexible hold.

Directions for use: Use either before drying or on dry hair, before straightenng or using curling tongs to define your style.

 7.2oz  Lisap Sculture Eco-Spray Volumizer  $13.50  15.00

Lisap Strong MousseLisap Sculture Strong Mousse Mousse (was m-dynamic)

Lisap Sculture Strong Mousse is a very strong-hold styling mousse, ideal for strong flexible support. Protects and creates perfect hold, definition, and shine. Ultra Hold is yours with this styling mousse. Ideal for strong flexible support. Protects and creates perfect hold, body, definition and shine.

Directions for use: use on damp hair, distribute 2 or 3 balls of the mousse throughout the length of the hair. Style as desired.

 10oz  Lisap Sculture Strong Mousse  $12.60  14.00

lisap shiny gel mousse Lisap Sculture Shining Gel Mousse (was m-fix)

Lisap Sculture Shining Gel Mousse is a very strong-hold styling mousse, ideal for strong flexible support. Protects and creates perfect hold, definition, and shine. Cool to the touch. Let the gel-mousse formula crackle in your palms and let the styling begin. This versatile Gel and Mousse can be used with heat to create shiny, silky, blow dry looks or use without heat for a natural wet look with no frizz. Conditions and restores hair, giving it softness and shine. Excellent for curly hair.

Directions for use: use on damp hair, distribute 2 or 3 balls of the mousse throughout the length of the hair. Style as desired.

 10oz  Lisap Sculture Shining Gel Mousse  $12.60 14.00
Lisap Sculture Gum Molding Paste Lisap Sculture C-Gum Molding Paste (was c-gum)

Lisap Sculture C-Gum Show off your style with this trendy very strong hold fibre-modeling paste. Excellent for chunky, piecey texturised styles. Flexible, but allows strong hold and shine. Ideal for use on straight or curly hair. Eliminates frizz, moisturizes and protects the hair.

Directions for use: use the palm of the hand to apply throughout the style onto dry or slightly damp hair. Or apply to the palms and clap the hands above the style to distribute the product when creating lighter effects. STRENGTH OF HOLD: XL

 5.1oz  Lisap Sculture Gum Molding Paste  $20.70  23.00

Lisap Sculture Spray Extra Strong Gel Spray (was s-gel)

lisap extra strong gel sprayLisap Sculture Extra Strong Gel Spray is a Hair Spray with extra-strong hold to ensure instant volume and shine. Get ready for volume and texture with this extra strong flexible spray gel. Use on dry or damp hair for strong volume support and shine. As a root lift spray... spray directly to the root area and work through the length. Moisturizes and protects.

  • Residu free.
  • Ideal for creating long lasting styles
  • Creates an extra-strong fixing effect when used on dry hair and
  • Creates a gel effect when used on wet hair

    Directions for use: spray onto dry or slightly damp
    hair. Or spray onto the roots to create extra volume. STRENGTH OF HOLD: XXL

8.45oz   Lisap Sculture Exrea Strong Gel Spray   $17.10  19.00

LisyNet Hair Spray Strong LisyNet Hair Spray  Strong or Natural  or both

Lisap  CC Wax Extra Strong Hold & Natural Hold
The latest break through in hair spray technology. Formulated with Polymer IT, which combines two silicon macromolecules with the latest generation Elastic Film Forming Polymers. Silsoft Shine penetrates into the hair shaft, nourishing and moisturizing as well as repairing the hair. Hair retains its natural shine and body. Lisynet ,for the best ever Hold, Shine & Protection.

 500ml  LisyNet Hair Spray- Strong   $13.50   15.00 (red can)
500ml  LisyNet Hair Spray- Natural $13.50   15.00
.........................(pink can - not shown)

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