Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid

Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid
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Lisap Straight Fluid
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Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid
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Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid

Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid

Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid:   top | care /repair Hair products

In other Countries Lisap offers the Lisap Ultimate Hair Straightening System. This process is one that permanently straightens hair using Lisap -PROFESIONAL ONLY -- products. Lisap Hair Products USA only offers the final final step in this Italian Hair Straightening System ... Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid ...
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lisap straight fluid

Lisap ULTIMATE Straight Fluid

Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid  restructures your hair protecting it from the heat. The ingredients are resistant to high temperatures guaranteeing extra smooth and ultra resistant results. Ultimate Straight Fluid Sooths your hair and fight your hair frizz. Straight Fluid also has built in anti-humidity protection, to make your stule last longerand was created to maximize the structure f your hair, making it safe for you to use ceramic straightening irons.

Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid helps to restore your hair. Formulated with special ingredients that give maximum heat protection, enabling you to create perfectly smooth-straight styles. Reduces frizz, protects from humidity, leaving your hair in the beautifally optimal condition for you desired straigh looks.


  1. apply to your hair in section --- then
  2. let your hair dry before using your straightening iron. 
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Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid
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