Footlogix Products

Footlogix Products

Footlogix Products:   Footlogix Products

Footlogix is an innovative product line designed to provide effective care for a variety of skin and nail conditions affecting the foot – from simple dryness to more severe conditions resulting from diabetes and fungus.
  • Footlogix is easily applied and very easily absorbed, so you can wear socks immediately after application.
  • Contains urea for moisturizing, arnica and rosemary to improve circulation.
  • Footlogix leaves no residue and does not seal the skin, so the skin can breathe and perspire naturally.
  • Footlogix has no perfume and is recommended for diabetic foot care.

Footlogix Products
Dry Skin  Cracked Heel  Tired Legs  Cold Feet

Footlogix Dry Skin Formula (Footlogix Dry Skin Formulafor normal/dry skin)

Footlogix Dry Skin Formula Mousse 2  contains 5% urea for immediate absorption, itch relief and the prevention of thickening skin without any greasy residue. Recommended for dry skin and feet, as well as Diabetes, Neurodermatitis and aging skin.

 4.2oz  Footlogix Dry Skin Formula  $18.00  20.00  (40 applications)
   10oz  Footlogix Dry Skin Formula  $35.95  40.00  (100 applications)
sorry no longer available

Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula

FOOTLOGIX Extra Cracked Heel Formula Mousse 3E with 25% urea locks moisture into the skin, making the skin supple. Reduces skin tension and strengthens lipid barrier. Absorbs immediately without any greasy residue. For severely cracked skin. 4.23 oz. Non-greasy foot care mousse, making it possible to wear socks right after application. Easy to apply, does not wash off and is rapidly absorbed.

4.2oz  Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula  $17.90  21.00  (40 applications)

Sorry! No Longer Available!

Footlogix Tired Legs Formula

Footlogix Tired Legs Formula

Footlogix Tired Legs Formula is for tired or heavy legs. Contains Urea, Horse Chestnut, and Witch Hazel.

4.2oz  Footlogix Tired Legs Formula  $23.45  27.00  (40 applications)
sorry no longer available

Footlogix Cold Feet Formula

Footlogix Cold Feet Formula

This soothing mousse gently warms your feet by improving blood circulation. Moisturizing formula mimics the skin's own composition and improves its overall health. Contains Urea, Arnica and Rosemary. Clinically tested.

4.2oz  Footlogix Cold Feet Formula  $18.00  20.00  (40 applications)
sorry no longer available

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Dry Skin Formula 
Cracked Heel Formula 
Tired Legs Formula 
Cold Feet Formula
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