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Paul Brown offers unique salon hair products from Hawaii  including the Hapuna Line for Island Inspiration, to the Classic Line with Proven Performances that help calm your hair, body & spirit . You can Prepare for StylingPump Up the Volume, and/or create Mood, Texture & Hold all within your own personal hair style.  Paul Brown brings you the finest natural ingredients and the most current technology combine to create products and services that will bring the Hawaiian Paradise home to you anywhere in the world.

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Paul Brown Hawaii Hapuna Line Island Inspiration  
Cleanse Shampoo and Ultra Intense Conditioner
(All hair types)
Sea flowers and plant extracts in Cleanse keep hair and scalp
healthy by balancing moisture and proteins. Keratin-rich
Ultra Intense nourishes, conditions and restores balance and
shine to help reserve signs of aging. This is hair Botox for
damaged, over-processed and colored hair. *

paul brown hawaii hapuna cleanse shampoo

paul brown hawaii hapuna ultra intense conditioner

 Hydrating Voiumizer Shampoo and Hapuna Volumizer Conditioner
(All hair types)
Pump up the volume with this hydrating, anti-frizz volumizer
system that imparts touchability as thickening and nourishing
extracts are infused into strands to amplify roots and ends.
Weightless moisturizing conditioner contains explosive
volumizing molecules that instantly create thickness, incredible
body and movement that last until your next shampoo. *

paul brown hawaii hapuna hyerating volumizing shampoo

paul brown hawaii hapuna volumizing conditioner

Keratin Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Reconstructor
(Normal to oily hair)
Rich cleansing lather trumpets beneficial botanicals that
fight frizz and fly-aways. This keratin-boost shampoo adds
superior smoothness, shine and strength. Reconstructor
conditioner - lush with softening emollients - detangles,
smoothes frizz and adds shine and manageability. *

Paul Brown Hawaii Hapun Anti Frizz Silk Shampoo

Paul Brown Hawaii Hapun Anti Frizz Silk Reconstructor

Paul Brown Hawaii Classic Line: Proven Performances  
Paul Brown Hawaii Washe Elite Shampoo
Paul Brown Hawaii Resurrect Conditioner

Washe Elite Shampoo and Resurrect Conditioner
(Normal-dry hair; damage and color treated)
Washe Elite shampoo cleanses and hydrates brittle,
chemically-stressed tresses. Resurrect conditioner
with Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex and Kukui Nut
Oil nourishes frazzled, dry hair and restores shine
after a single use.

paul brown hawaii wash elite shampoo

paul brown hawaii ressurect conditioner

Paul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight

Stay Straight Shampoo and Stay Straight Conditioner
(Normal-dry hair; frizzy and curly hair)
Hydrating shampoo eliminates frizz and
fly-aways with exclusive plant infusion -
awapuhi ginger, lemongrass and guava.
Conditioner smoothes, adds manageability
and shine for a supple, silky finish.*
also see
Paul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Molding Cream
Paul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Smoothing Balm

paul brown hawaii stay straight shampoo

paul brown hawaii stay straight conditoner

Clarifying Shampoo
(All hair types)
Formulated with botanicals - rosemary, aloe, green tea - to
gentle remove styling buildups, chlorine and mineral residues.
Keeps hair color looking salon-fresh and vibrant with weekly use.

Paul Brown Hawaii Clarifying Shampoo

Kukui Nut Oil
Lightweight, non-greasy moisture replacement with anti-aging
Omega-3s and Omega-6s. Apply prior to swimming to protect
hair from salt water and chlorine. Add to conditioner for a
weekly hydrating cocktail. Spray into hair color to keep tresses
soft and lock in a richer, glossier color.
An ancient Hawaiian ingredient, KuKui Nut Oil is a natural
protein and sunscreen containing the highest fatty acids that
renew sheen, elasticity, and balance moisture content in hair
and scalp. We combine ancient remedies with modern
technologies to provide the highest performance hair care

paul brown hawaii kukui nut oil

Paul Brown Hawaii Treat Elite Conditioner

Treat Elite Conditioner
Three-in-one leave-in treatment - detangler,
conditioner and finishing rinse that instantly
hydrates dry ends. A morning or midday refresher
that leaves hair radiantly fresh and shiny. *

paul brown hawaii treat elite conditioner

Paul Brown Hawaii Create Texture and Hold  
Stay Straight Molding Creme
Fights and smoothes away frizz
without weighing hair down. Controls
heavy, thick or textured hair by knocking
down kinks and leaving it silky smooth
even in humid weather.


Hapuna Styling Paste
Weightless, pliable molding creme adds volume, density
and flexibility. Loose and piecey, or stand-up and messy,
non-sticky paste creates a high-textured, low-sheen look.

paul brown hawaii hapuna-styling-paste

Paul Brown Hawaii Wacks

Defines and sculpts hair into firm, pliable hairstyles, like
spikes and chunks, while adding sheen. Lightweight
micro-fibers allow effortless styling without tugging.


sX Gel
Uniquely formulated with fruit and botanical extracts,
it works naturally to design smooth, slick and shiny
hair designs and piece work.

paul brown hawaii sX gel

Passion Shine Gel
Adds amazing shine and provides a
medium hold for piecey, separated
and defined looks without unwanted
buildup or flaking.

paul brown hawaii passion shaine gel

Dry Mist Hairspray
Unique working hairspray that allows continuous styling
until a desired look is achieved. Brushabilityfor instant
restyling is at your fingertips. Formulation gives hair an
added boost, lift and a soft, controlled hold where desired.
Contains sunscreen, and adds a brilliant shine without
residue or flaking.

paul brown hawaii dry mist hair spray





Hapuna Aero Spray
Medium-hold spray that freezes hair into place and leaves
a beautiful, soft finish. Use to elevate volume and lift with-
out stickiness or flaking. Conditions and protects as a
UV absorber.

paul brown hawaii hapuna aero hair spray

Paul Brown Hawaii Preparing for Styling  
Diamond Heads
Seals hair shaft, closing and smoothing the cuticle.
Work through towel-dried hair to cut blow-drying
time and add diamond-like radiance. Protects against
thermal damage and breakage from styling abuse.

paul brown hawaii diamond head hair sealer

Thermal Power
Styling prep treatment protects hair
color and delicate cuticle layer from
styling heat and ultraviolet damage.
Prevents color fading and promotes
silky, shiny hair. Humidity resistance.

paul bown hawaii thermal power

Paul Brown Hawaii Smooth and Shine  
Hapuna Argan Oil
Argan, macadamia and kukui nut oils penetrate
deeply into the hair shaft to hydrate and smooth
the cuticle for incredible shine and manageability,
This finishing serum naturally renews sheen.

Hapuna Argan Oil. What sets it apart?
The addition of Kukui Nut Oil. With its nano molecule structure, the Kukui Nut Oil acts as a carrier for the argan and macadamia nut oils, allowing them to seep into the hair follicles to restore shine and replenish moisture without buildup.

paul brown hawaii hapuna argan oil

Paul Brown Hawaii Shine Amplifier

Shine Amplifier
Adds a burst of pure brilliance and glossy shine without buildups.
Natural sunscreens protect color without weighing down
hairstyles. Also helps tame fly-aways and frizzes.

paul brown hawaii shine amplifier

Hapuna Keratin Retexturizing Mist
Organic extracts and omega oils provide a smooth
slip to strands so they stay sleek and shiny. This
natural straightening mister can be used with a flat
iron to temporarily, safely straighten hair or with a
blow-dryer to cut drying time while smoothing away
frizz - in seconds.

paul brown hawaii hapuna retexturizing mist

Paul Brown Hawaii Pump Up the Volume  
A cult favorite. This no-fail root lifter creates
incredible volume and control, while adding
flexibility and manageability. Contains natural
sunscreen to protect hair from thermal abuse and
sun damage.

paul brown hawaii booster plus

Paul Brown Hawaii Mousse Gel

Mousse Gel
A unique non-aerosol, alcohol-free formulation
that starts as a gel, then transforms into a mousse
that will inspire your inner artist with a multitude
of hairstyle possibilities. Provides soft, weightless
hold while providing lift and lasting volume with-
out stiffness or crunch.

paul brown hawaii mousse gel

Hydrating Voiumizer Styling Spray
Nature's boost for all hair types. This non-
aerosol spray gives beautiful lift and volume
that lasts all day and results in luminous, soft
bouncy hair. Weightless conditioners detangle
and prevent breakages. Helps refresh volume on
non-shampoo days without adding weight.

paul brown hawaii hapuna volumizer spray

Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex: finest natural ingredients

Utilizing a blend of twelve Hawaiian Island botanical extracts, each one offering its own distinctive benefit, combined with the amazing properties of the Kukui Nut Oils, the trade-marked "Hawaiian protein flora complex" is found throughout the Paul Brown product line.

Botanical Extracts:

  • Arrowroot - adds fullness and body to the hairPassionflower Fruit
  • Banana - A protein that adds shine to the hair
  • Coconut - Adds oil to the hair for sheen
  • Guava - Contains Vitamins A, B, & C
  • Kelp - An important nutrient for the roots of the hair
  • Lemongrass - Cleanses and gives hair sheen and body
  • Papaya - Cleanses the hair
  • Passionflower Fruit - Cleanses the hair, high in Vitamin C
  • Raspberry - Cleanses the hair, reduces buildup
  • Hawaiian White Ginger - Adds body to the hair
  • Sandalwood - Acts as a softener on the hair
  • Watercress - Contains Vitamin A, adds moisture to the hair

Paul Brown Hawaii Rejuvenation Cocktail:
paul brown kukui nut on tree
Combine 1oz Resurrect Conditioner  + 1/4oz Kukui Nut Hot Oil + 1/4 oz Diamond Heads Cuticle Sealer.
Mix well Shampoo hair gently rinse & apply cocktail cover with plastic cap & apply heat for 10 to 15 minutes, let cool rinse and squeeze hair in towel to dry.

Kukui Nut Oil Lipids:

Kukui Nut Secretes known to the Ancient Hawaiians: Kukui Nut Oil penetrates the skin and hair, replacing lost moisture, while smoothing, protecting and adding incredible shine!

* Sulfate- and Paraben-Free

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