ThermaFuse UpHold Hair Spray

thermafuse uphold hair spray
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thermafuse uphold hair spray
Ingredients • Key Ingredients
Panthenol -A natural moisturizer.
VA/Crotonates Viinyl Neodecanoate Copolymer - Provides excellent hold, manageability, gloss, and curl retention, even in high humidity.
Phenyl Trimethicone - An emollient for shine, and acts as a moisture barrier.
Glycerin -A naturally derived humectant that promotes moisture retention in low humidity and acts as a barrier to excess moisture in high humidity.

Fragrance Blackberry Vanilla Musk - Rich summer blackberries blend with green mandarin and apple. Also infused with irresistible violet leaves, jasmine, rose petals, amber musk, and vanilla.

the Goods - Uphold offers styling versatility as a working spray and finishing spray. Humidity resistant formula provides predictable
all-day hold/ and shine. Gives hair a natural, touchable feel. Easy comb-through/ does not flake.

Professional Tip -- Spray on and go over with a flat iron for straight hair styling.

Directions - To Use

  • Spray on finished style.
  • -
  • Professional Tip -- Spray on and go over with a .


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